Acclimate® Gel Warmer (EcoVue®)

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Acclimate® Gel Warmer (EcoVue®)


The Acclimate® Gel Warmer is an ideal solution for keeping ultrasound gel packets warm for ultrasound procedures. Acclimate® Ultrasound Gel Warmer is specially designed for EcoVue® single use products, and also has capability of warming other flexible packaged products. The front dip of the Acclimate® Medical Gel Warmer allows for easy insertion and removal of single use packets. EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel Warmer fully heats gel to 40°C.

All operations are performed with a single button press. Pressing the button once begins the heating process, and a second press will return the EcoVue® Warmer to stand-by mode. The EcoVue® Gel Warmer contains a built-in two-stage cutoff to prevent the unit from overheating. Acclimate® Gel Warmer includes mounting hardware for walls and countertops and an instruction manual. For safety, the Acclimate® Ultrasound Gel Warmer is UL listed. The EcoVue® Medical Gel Warmer is easy to clean with standard disinfectant wipes.

The Acclimate® Gel Warmer is proudly made in the USA.

  • Designed to warm EcoVue® Ultrasound gel but is capable of warming other flexible packaged products
  • The front dip- allows for easy access to insert and remove packets without having to reach down into a cavity
  • The warmer can hold 2 x 250g FlexPac, or 1 x 250g FlexPac and 8 single packets, or 16 single packets
  • It has two slots so you can mix and match the packets
  • Single button control that holds gel at a consistent temperature range
  • Two stage thermal cut-off protects from overheating
  • 24 Months Warranty
  • Proudly Made in USA
Code Description
047-289 (289) Acclimate® Ultrasound Gel Warmer

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