Donut Closed Head Ring


Donut Closed Head Ring


headGel Patient Positioners

Radiolucent Gel Pads aid in pressure distribution without bottoming out. These pads are made of a solid, non-conductive, cross lined polymer that will not leak, ooze, or evaporate and is resistent to punctures and tears.
Each antimicrobial, antibacterialpad is hypoallergenic, latex-free, silcone-free, and plasticizer-free, and will not harden over time. Following the instructions, the pads can be heated and cooled.
Note: 0.25” thick gel is equivalent to .051mm Aluminum. 

Cradles and supports head and protects the ear. Reduces pressure on occiptal while supine

Code Description (Size: Width x Length x Height)
YG-2000 Head Ring, Donut Closed, Adult - Size: 20cm x 7.6cm x 5cm.          Weight: 1.8kg 
YG-2004 Head Ring, Donut Closed, Pediatric - Size: 14cm x 5.7cm x 3.2cm.    Weight: 1.4kg 
YG-2005 Head Ring, Donut Closed, Neonatal  - Size: 9cm x 3.8cm x 1.9cm.    Weight: 0.9kg 
YG-2015 Head Ring, Donut Closed, Bariatric - Size 20cm x 7.6cm x 7.6cm.    Weight: 2.3kg 


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