Digital Area Monitor


Digital Area Monitor


Digital Area Monitor - available in mR/hr or uSv/h

The Digital Area Monitor with built-in GM Gamma Detector provides continuous gamma radiation monitoring of rooms where radionuclides are received, stored, or dispensed, and in waste management areas where there is the possibility of radioactive contamination. The monitor is wall-mountable. 

With built-in GM Gamma Detector for continuous monitoring

  • Detects gamma radiation
  • LOW and HIGH alarms with yellow and red lights, adjustable audible tones
  • 0.1 mR/hr - 1000 mR/hr or 1 µSvh - 9999 µSv/h
  • Detector failure light and tone to signal detector overload or instrument failure
  • Threshold adjustment from 2 to 100 mV
  • Battery continuously trickle charges when unit is operating and connected to wall current
  • Low battery warning 
  • Internal Detector: Halogen quenched GM gamma detector, sensitivity: 1000 cpm/mR/hr (Cs-137 gamma), energy response (60 keV - 3 MeV): within ±25% of true valueDisplay: Four-digit LED display with 0.8" (2 cm) character height
  • Display Range: 000.0-9999
  • Display Units: Available in mR/hr or µSv/h
  • Linearity: Reading within ±10% of true value with detector connected
  • Response: Typically three seconds from 10% - 90% of final reading
  • Status: (Green light) instrument functioning properly
  • Alarm: Low alarm - indicated by yellow light and slow beep (one per second) audible tone (can be set at any point from 0.0 - 9999); high alarm - indicated by red light and fast beep (4 per second) audible tone (can be set at any point from 0.0 - 9999); NOTE: Audible indicators can be configured as a single beep if desired
  • Det Fail: Detector overload, no count from detector, or instrument failure - indicated by red light and audible tone (greater than 68 dB at 2 feet)
  • Low Bat: (Yellow) indicates less than two hours of battery power remaining
  • High Voltage: Adjustable from 200 - 2500 volts
  • Threshold: Adjustable from 2 - 100 mV
  • Dead Time: Adjustable to compensate for dead time of detector and electronics (can be read on display)
  • Overload: Senses detector saturation (indicated by display reading "-OL-")
  • Overrange: Indicates radiation field being measured has exceeded counting range of instrument (indicated by display reading "- - - -")
  • Data Output: 9 pin connector providing 5 decade logarithmic output,
    RS-232 output, signal ground connection, FAIL and ALARM signals
    (current sink), and direct connection to battery and ground
  • Calibration Controls: Accessible from front of instrument
    (protective cover provided)
  • Power: 90-260 VAC auto ranging or battery power
  • Battery Life: Typically 48 hours in non-alarm condition;
    12 hours in alarm condition
  • Battery Charger: Battery is continuously trickle charged when instrument is connected to line power and turned on
  • Battery Dependence: <3% change in readings to battery endpoint
  • Construction: Wall mount aluminum housing with ivory polyurethane enamel paint
  • Dimensions: 7.4" h x 9.7" w x 2.5" depth (18.7 x 24.6 x 6.4 cm)
  • Weight: 6.7 lb (3 kg) 
Code Description
051-275 Digitial Area Monitor:  Display in mR/hr
051-273 Digitial Area Monitor:  Display in µSv/hr

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