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EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel


$4 for a bottle of 250ml, Made in USA!

Over the years, ultrasound gel has seen very little change in gel formula and packaging ......until now.

  • Sustainable - EcoVue® is the most environmentally friendly gel on the market with 97.8% of the gel produced with natural organic ingredients
  • Viscosity - EcoVue® spreads evenly, and cleans up easily, its viscosity is equal or greater than other leading gel on the market
  • Acoustic Velocity - Heat has little to no effect on the performance. Acoustic velocity remains constant when heated to 40°C
  • Safety - EcoVue® is Dye Free and Paraben Free, two substances that can have negative effects on the body
  • Innovative - EcoVue® is Propylene Glycol Free - a key cause of probe delamination which can lead to costly replacements
  • Quality - only EcoVue® offers Kosher and Halal religious certification for quality
  • Health Safety - EcoVue® is FDA approved and is CA Prop 65 Compliant
  • Shelf Life - Three year from manufacture date
  • Made in the USA - EcoVue® is made with domestically sourced ingredients and manufacture in York, PA

Flexible packaging is an additional way of reducing our environmental footprint; it’s lightweight, requires less energy to manufacture and transport, and creates less waste. Not only does EcoVue®utilize flexible packaging, but the secondary packaging is made up of recycled materials.

  • Sustainability - The introduction of a FlexPac® will allow for better product yield and less landfill waste
  • Waste Reduction - With a 99.5% evacuation rate, waste is reduced up to 14% from the gel that remains in a standard bottle
  • Package Weight - Innovative nylon film reduces package weight by over 60% thus reducing transportation costs and our carbon footprint
  • Innovative Design - The stand-up pouch is ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Safety - All products have tamper evident mechanisms and exceeds FDA criteria for quality and bio-security

It's Our Environmental Responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint!

Reducing CO2 is imperative, and we can achieve it in many ways. Reducing the amount of transportation needed to transport Ultrasound Gel, manufacture it’s packaging, and warehouse it’s contents was a great place for us to start. Once we started to crunch the numbers it was quite staggering how much potential we had to actually make a difference. By using EcoVue®, you will help contribute to a better environment.

Here is how we plan on doing so.

After running the numbers these are the calculations of facts that back up our mission to reduce our carbon footprint and how it affects generations to come. From millions of less containers to hundreds of thousands of pounds of unused gel in landfills, please see below for more statistics that solidify EcoVue® as a game changer!

  • Packaging Waste - 1.5 million less containers in landfills
  • Biodegradable Formula - 99% natural ingredients
  • CO2 Reduction - 60,000 less pounds of emissions
  • Product Waste - 800,000 less pounds of Gel in landfills
  • Warehouse Efficiency - less pallets
Cat. No. Description Price
047-286 (286) EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel (non-sterile) 250g Bottle, Box of 12 $48
047-386 (386) EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel (non-sterile) 250ml Bottle, Box of 12, High Viscosity $54
047-284 (284) EcoVue® Ultrasound Gel (non-sterile) 60g Flip-Top Tube, Box of 12 $
047-289 (289) Acclimate® Ultrasound Gel Warmer

1. Minimum order is one box;
2. All prices are in NZD;
3. All prices are subject to change without notice;
4. All prices are exclusive of domestic freight costs and GST;
5. Supplied from stock; 

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