Sterile Lubricating Gel in Flip-Top Tube

HR® Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sterile Lubricating Gel in Flip-Top Tube


Sterile Lubricating Gel, Sterile, Water Soluble, Latex Free.

Available in 113g or 56g Flip-Top Tubes.

HR® Lubricating Gel - in 113g or 56g Flip Top Tube - is our largest offering of sterile Lubricating Jelly.  The sizes accommodates a broad range of medical procedures, such as Colonoscopy, Enama Insertion, X-Ray, Urethral/Catheter, Pelvic Examination, Lithotripsy, Surgical Procedures, General Medical Use, Sigmoidoscopy, Ultrasound Procedures, Endotracheal Tube Insertion. 
Procedure Insertion/Use of Hospital Department
PAP Tests Speculums Gynecology
Surgical Procedures Laryngeal Mask Airways Operating Room Catheters
Catheterization Catheters Urology
Endoscopy Endoscopies Endoscopy
Sigmoidoscopy Sigmoidoscopies Proctology
Cystoscopy Cystoscopies
Enemas/Douches Enemas/Douches
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy Thermometers, Devices, Fingers
General Medical Procedures

      • Kosher Certified
        HR® Lubricating Jelly is Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. This certification satisfies the needs of patients and physicians who adhere to these strict standards of quality & manufacturing. 
      • Water Soluble
      • Sterile Products
        HR® Lubricating Jelly is sterile until the packaging seal is broken. This extra step is taken during the manufacturing process to prevent cross-contamination and keep patients safe and healthy.
      • Premium Viscosity
        HR® Lubricating Jelly maintains its applied integrity better than any other medical grade lubricant. It is excellent for precise application, without thinning and/or sliding from the device or application area.
      • Made in the USA
        HR® Lubricating Jelly is manufactured in the United States under the strict scrutiny of the FDA.
      • Bacteriostatic
        HR® Lubricating Jelly is bacteriostatic ensuring more protection from additional risks of infection to patients.
      • Non-Spermicidal
      • Chlorhexidine (CHG) Free
        HR® Lubricating Jelly is Chlorhexidine free - Surgilube® contains Chlorhexidine, a bacteriostatic that kills micro-flora, which can expose a weak immune system to secondary/opportunistic infections. HR® Lubricating Jelly uses other bacteriostatic options in its protocol for manufacturing.
      • Latex Free
      • LUOM Labelling
      The Effect of Artificial Vagina Lubricants on Stallion Sperm Download
      Guideline for Prevention of Catheter-Associated UTI's Download
      MSDS Sheet Download
      Semen Exposure to Various Lubricants Viability Download
      Seasonal Reproductive Cycle of the Galapagos Tortoise Download
      Inhibition of Mobility of Bovine, Canine, and Equine Spermatoza Download
      Micro-Flora Study Download
      New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines Download
      Common Carotid Arterial Blood Flow Measurement Download
      Acute Hepatic Arterial Blood Flow Measurement Download
      Common Iliac Arterial Blood Flow Measurement Download
      Unsatisfactory Pap Reporting Rates Download
      The Effect of Vaginal Speculum Lubrication Download
      Can HR® Lubricating Jelly be used for personal use?


      Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Semen/Embryo/Reproduction Friendly?

      Yes, HR® has been university and independently proven to be compatible with sperm & embryos.

      Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Safe for Pap Testing?

      Yes, HR® Lubricating Jelly is safe for Pap Testing when you sparingly and appropriately. HR® also offers Surgilube® which is a preferred product for Pap Testing. Surgilube product information can be found at www.surgilube.com.

      Does your product contain a Bacteriostatic?

      Yes, HR® Lubricating Jelly utilizes two (2) bacteriostatic components: Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben

      Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Latex-Free?


      Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Micro-Flora Friendly?

      Yes, normal micro-flora constitutes the non-pathogenic bacteria that colonize virtually on all surfaces of the human body. Normal flora causes no harm to their host; in fact serves a vital function as a protective barrier that aids in the prevention of infection and colonization of pathogenic microbes on the body.

      Is HR® Lubricating Jelly Kosher Certified?

      Yes, Orthodox Union.

      Is HR® Lubricating Jelly compliant to HCPCS Coding Verification?


      Code Description Price
      047-201 HR Sterile Lubricating Gel - 113g Flip Top Tube:  Box of 12 $53
      047-203 HR Sterile Lubricating Gel - 56g Flip Top Tube:  Box of 12 $40

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