Simulates eight different source strengths - using only one source!

The Lineator is a simple device to accurately and reliably verify the linearity of your dose calibrator. Test results are available in minutes, without waiting days for decay, making it feasible to perform a linearity test more often. Early identification can prevent problems before they occur.

The Lineator is a set of five tubes. Four tubes are used to perform the test and an interchangeable tube is used depending on the dynamic range needed to cover.

To perform a linearity test, insert a source of Tc-99m of the maximum activity to be measured into the central tube, then place the tube into the chamber of your dose calibrator and count. The remaining lead-lined tubes are placed, one at a time, concentrically over the central tube and counted individually or in combination. The readings are then normalized with predetermined factors, and the degree of linearity can be seen virtually at a glance.

Using only one source, the Lineator can simulate up to eight different source strengths. Each outer tube absorbs a portion of the source radiation and reduces the effective source activity seen by the dose calibrator. 

  • Simplifies compliance with NRC and state requirements
  • Checks linearity without sample decay or fractioning
  • Covers diagnostic or therapeutic quantities in a single pass 
  • Weight: 6 lb (3 kg) 
Code Description
086-509 Lineator

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