LuMark® - Lutetium (177Lu) Chloride


LuMark® - Lutetium (177Lu) Chloride


IDB Holland is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Lutetium 177. IDB Holland’s brand name LuMark® stands out as the premium brand of Lu-177. Quality in production and testing, weekly availability, shipment worldwide and a high service degree in sales and after sales are the key components in IDB Holland’s market approach.

Quality assured
LuMark® is being produced and packaged by one of the world’s most sophisticated and fully automated manufacturing plants of Lutetium 177 at IDB Holland in the Netherlands. Being the world’s only fully GMP produced Lutetium 177 quality throughout the production and packaging process is being assured.

Secure packaging and shipping of Lu-177
LuMark® Lu-177 is available in 4 ml or 10 ml glass vials. All vials come with a rubber stopper and aluminum crimp cap. The vials are put in lead boxes and for worldwide shipping these boxes are again put in carbon boxes, fully complying with current IATA rules and regulations stemming from Type A packaging.

Worldwide shipping
LuMark® Lu-177 is being shipped to over 40 countries. From Europe to Australia and from Asia to the United States and South America, LuMark® Lu-177 finds its way to professional customers all over the world. Every day LuMark® Lu-177 is leaving our plants in Baarle-Nassau, the Netherlands.

Pre calibration by request
As Lutetium 177 has a 6.65 physical half-life, LuMark® can by request supply Lu-177 from our extra stock after production day using pre calibration to ensure a 100% quality product.

All documents enclosed
IDB Holland makes sure that all necessary documents for shipping and handling as well as all production sheets and specification forms are enclosed with every order of Lu-177.

Therapeutic indication Lumark is a radiopharmaceutical precursor. It is not intended for direct use in patients. This medicinal must be used only for the radiolabelling of carrier molecules, which have been specifically developed and authorised for radiolabelling with this radionuclide.
Code LuMark
Active Substance Lutetium-177 (177Lu) Tri-chloride.
Delivery Friday (NZT)
Calibration Friday (NZT)
Ordering Deadline Minimum three weeks before Delivery (NZT)

NOTE: Please contact us for ordering. 


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