Premium Table Pads


Premium Table Pads


Premium table pads provide excellent support and comfort for patients. Squared off ends are tailored to provide a nice finished look that is perfect for any imaging table. Pads clean easy with a mild cleaner or germicide.

Our table pads are radiolucent and are safe to leave under the patient during imaging. 

Custom size pads are also available. 


  1. Table pads over 32mm thick for diagnostic imaging are NOT recommended.
  2. Edge of pads may show up on some images.
    • Size: 59cm x 183cm x 5cm or custom
    • Foam Types:
      • Comfort Foam: standard table pad foam. 
      • Firm Density Foam: higher density foam, provides more patient support. 
      • Memory Foam: superior comfort, great for long procedures and sensitive patients. 
    • Cover Materials:
      • 4-Way Stretch Fabric (Black only): pliable and resilient, antibacterial, antifungal covering. 
      • Upholstery Vinyl: extremely durable and very easy to clean. Available in 2 colours (Black, Blue).
    • End Finish: Premium Box Corner - completely sewn covering that features squared finished corners. 
      Code Description
      PPAD-50 Premium Table Pad, Upholstery Vinyl, Comfort Foam
      PPAD-75 Premium Table Pad, 4-Way Stretch, Comfort Foam
      PPAH-50 Premium Table Pad, Upholstery Vinyl, Firm Density Foam
      PPAH-75 Premium Table Pad, 4-Way Stretch, Firm Density Foam
      PPAM-80 Premium Table Pad, 4-Way Stretch, Memory Foam

      Cleaning Instructions

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