Stealth Rectangle Sponges


Stealth Rectangle Sponges


Revolutionary Design Minimizes Ghosting and Line Artifacts!

New design of rectangle sponges to reshape the industry-literally. The unique angles incorporated into every sponge offers artifact-free imaging and increased stability. Soft open cell, polyurethane foam provides excellent support and comfort. Meets the new California 2015 Technical Bulletin #117-2013 standards.

Available in two finishes:

  • Stealth-CoreTM sponges have been designed with unique
    angles to offer artifact-free viewing and increased stability. Light mint-green colour.

  • Stealth-CoteTM: sponges include a proprietary coating to add cleanability and durability to every sponge and includes antimicrobial protection. Light green colour. 

All Sponges are Non-allergenic, Radiolucent and Fire-retardant.  

Stealth-CoreTM Rectangle Sponges

Code Description (Size: Height x Width x Length)
YFBL Uncoated Rectangle Sponge - Stealth-Core Foam, Base: 7.5cm x 26cm x 32cm, Top: 19cm x 25cm
YFBN Uncoated  Rectangle Sponge - Stealth-Core Foam, Base: 7.5cm x 42cm x 52cm, Top: 36cm x 46cm
YFBO Uncoated Square Sponge - Stealth-Core Foam, Base: 10cm x 34cm x 34cm, Top: 25cm x 25cm
YFBR Uncoated Rectangle Sponge - Stealth-Core Foam, Base: 10cm x 55cm x 70cm, Top: 46cm x 61cm

Stealth-CoteTM Rectangle Sponges 

Code Description (Size: Height x Width x Length)
YCBL Coated Rectangle Sponge - Stealth-Cote Foam, Base: 7.5cm x 26cm x 32cm, Top: 19cm x 25cm
YCBN Coated Rectangle Sponge - Stealth-Cote Foam, Base: 7.5cm x 42cm x 52cm, Top: 36cm x 46cm
YCBO Coated  Square Sponge - Stealth-Cote Foam, Base: 10cm x 34cm x 34cm, Top: 25cm x 25cm
YCBR Coated  Rectangle Sponge - Stealth-Cote Foam, Base: 10cm x 55cm x 70cm, Top: 46cm x 61cm

Cleaning & Care Instructions

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