Traditional Wedge Sponges


Traditional Wedge Sponges


Traditional design of Wedge Sponges. Soft open cell, polyurethane foam provides excellent support and comfort. Meets the new California 2015 Technical Bulletin #117-2013 standards.  

Available in two finishes:

  • Non-coated:  Standard, open-cell positioning sponge. Light mint-green colour.
  • Coated: Standard sponge with cleanable, fluid-resistant coating. Minimal shadowing with low attenuation. Light Green colour.

All Sponges are Non-allergenic, Radiolucent and Fire-retardant.  

        Non-Coated Traditional Wedge Sponges

        Code Description (Size: Width x Length x Height)
        YFFD Uncoated 45° Spinal Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam,18cm x 53cm x 18cm
        YFDA Uncoated 45° Cardiac Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam, 36cm x 71cm x 36cm
        YFDB Uncoated 30° Cardiac Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam, 71cm x 69cm x 41cm
        YFCL Uncoated 21° Epidural Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam, 61cm x 69cm x 18cm
        YFEG Uncoated 65° Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam, 41cm x 64cm x 21cm 

        Coated Traditional Wedge Sponges

        Code Description (Size: Width x Length x Height)
        YCFD Coated 45° Spinal Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam,18cm x 53cm x 18cm
        YCDA Coated 45° Cardiac Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam, 36cm x 71cm x 36cm
        YCDB Coated 30° Cardiac Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam, 71cm x 69cm x 41cm
        YCCL Coated 21° Epidural Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam, 61cm x 69cm x 18cm
        YCEG Coated 65° Wedge Sponge - Standard Foam, 41cm x 64cm x 21cm 

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