RDS-80™ Surface Contamination Meter


RDS-80™ Surface Contamination Meter


The RDS-80 Surface Contamination Meter is a versatile contamination detector which has been designed for a wide range of applications in different fields of radiation protection in nuclear industry, rescue and other operations, involving a possibility for abnormal contamination levels.

The Digital, Hand Held Pulse Rate Meter is suitable for personnel who need to locate and detect contaminated surfaces/ objects during their work.

The functions comprise contamination measurements with alarm functions and automatic conversion to surface activity value and additionally surface contamination measurement with a possibility to store the histogram events in the meter´s internal memory.

The use of configuration software (RDS-CSW) is required for downloading the data to a PC via IrDA port.

  • Wide measurement range: up to 100 000 cps or 1 000 000 Bq/cm2
  • Standard surface contamination measurements in cps or Bq/cm2
  • Contamination measurements with histogram function
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Handy and easy-to-use design
  • Software for parameter setting, histogram readings and nuclide calibration complies with IEC 60325 standard

      • Dimensions: 37.8 x 12.6 x 5.7 cm
      • Weight:
        -0.28 kg without batteries
        -0.33 kg with batteries
      • Case: Rugged plastic case
      • GM Tube: 4.4 cm
      • Power Supply: 2 alkaline batteries IEC LR6/AA size (recommended)
      • Battery Life Time: At least 2000 hours at normal background with alkaline cells (more than 1 year under normal operation)
      • Battery Alarm: Two-step alarm for low battery voltage


      • Radiation Detected: Alpha >2 MeV, beta Emax >100 keV, gamma and x-rays from 5 keV to 3 MeV
      • Detector: End window GM tube, 1.5-2 mg/cm2
      • MICA Window: Active surface area 15.2 cm2
      • Measurement Range: Surface contamination 1 to 100 000 cps or 0.01 to 1 000 000 Bq/cm2
      • Alarm levels: Freely adjustable alarm levels for contamination level
      • Cps linearity: ±15% ±1 digit over the range. The Bq/cm2 display is calculated from cps values using isotope dependent coefficients
      • Display: Either cps or Bq/cm2
      • Surface Activity: (Bq/cm2) display configurable for different isotopes
      • Cps Rate: Follow-up by audible signal with frequency proportional to activity
      • Visual and Audible Alarm: User settable for surface activity
      • Histogram Capability: Up to 480 points with user settable logging interval
      • Backlit Display: Six large digits
      • Built-in Self-diagnostics Function
      • Gamma Background: Reduction for Bq/cm2 measurements
      • Built-in Infrared port (IrDA)
        Code Description
        078-434 RDS-80S Radiation Survey Meter
        078-482 Software, RDS-CSW Configuration, RDS-CSW
        For RDS-30, RDS-80 and PC with Windows, include: IrDA Adapter
        078-481 Adapter, USB IrDA
        For RDS-30 and RDS-80

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